Universal Offers

Universal Offers are central to our aim of supporting our members to deliver their core library offer and develop new services to help cement their position at the heart of local communities.

Our Universal Offers, launched in 2013 and demonstrate the power of public libraries to enrich the lives of individuals and their communities. The offers cover the six key areas of service which our customers and stakeholders see as essential to a 21st century library service.

The Universal Offers are a promise to our customers and a commitment to quality provision across these six core areas of our service:

The Universal Offers also aim to ensure that all aspects of public library provision are accessible and therefore each offer is underpinned by the Six Steps Promise to ensure access for people with visual impairments developed by Share the Vision and The Children’s Promise developed by The Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians (ASCEL).

The Universal Offers have been informed by customer research, tested with stakeholders and customers and developed in partnership with The Reading Agency and Arts Council England.

The aim of each offer is to develop a core package of partnerships, resources and advocacy messages at a national level which can then be delivered locally and shaped to meet differing local needs. 

They are also a powerful strategic tool for Heads of Service to use within their own local authority when making the case for libraries and evidencing the difference that they can make to communities. 


Universal Offers Calendar 2019

Calendar of awareness days, weeks and months that inspire events and activities in libraries.