Learning in libraries empowers people and provides a unique opportunity to gain knowledge outside of formal settings. It has always been at the heart of what libraries do. With the growing demand for online and independent learning, libraries are perfectly placed to help meet these needs in local communities. The Learning Offer will give families more opportunities to learn together on a variety of subjects, help people to develop new skills, and support learning in the vital area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).


Goal: Libraries are present throughout a person’s learning journey to build confidence, support education, increase creativity and improve digital skills.


  • To enable people in their communities to come together to design and deliver their own learning experiences

  • To support the STEM agenda in libraries with support and help for learners from enthusiasts and experts

  • To give families more opportunities to learn together on a variety of subjects from early years through to adulthood

Access to research

Access to research is a partnership between publishers and libraries to open up access to academic research in libraries. To find out more about the service and how your library can get involved visit: accesstoresearch.org.uk


The Universal Learning Offer - An overview

An overview of the Learning Offer that outlines the benefits of learning in libraries.


Development of the Universal Learning Offer - Summary report

Key ideas around the development of the Learning Offer which explores the library as a place where communities and individuals can come together to develop and share their own learning activities.


The Experiential Library - The future of family learning

Storycise, where families act out stories to improve their fitness in Bournemouth, a digital literacy course for 3-4 year olds in Norfolk and a Big Draw arts workshop in Kirklees are just some examples of the range of family learning taking place in local libraries and discussed in this report.



Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs offer people who are not in higher education the opportunity to study bite-sized, high quality university-level courses within their own communities.