Reading delivers a wide range of benefits to people and is vital to creating an informed, imaginative and compassionate society. At the same time, poor literacy skills can have a significant impact on educational achievement, employment and life chances. We believe passionately that encouraging reading will help individuals and communities to become more resilient, empowered and prosperous. The Reading Offer was developed with The Reading Agency to create more partnerships, resources and activities to promote reading.


Goal: To help create a more literate and confident society by developing, delivering and promoting reading activities in libraries


  • To encourage children and adults to read for pleasure to help create more independent, and confident people with an increased empathy for others

  • To create a more literate society where communities feel engaged, empowered and have a deeper understanding of the world around them

  • To ensure that staff and volunteers have the skills they need to develop the reading skills of their users and to promote different types of reading activity.

Summer Reading Challenge

The annual Summer Reading Challenge attracts three quarters of a million children into libraries each year to keep up their reading skills and confidence.


Review of reader development activities and training needs

This review highlights the ways that public libraries encourage and promote reading and how reader development activities could be further supported. Based on research and interviews with libraries and library staff across the country, the report identifies that the highest priority for developing reader training in libraries is outreach and work with non-readers.