Libraries in the Pandemic: Key Stats

The effects of the pandemic, and the emergency measures taken to slow its spread, will have lasting effects on the social fabric and economic conditions of the UK for generations to come. We know that library services are uniquely positioned to help local communities meet the challenges they face especially in these five key areas: Economic recovery; Education support; Isolation mitigation; Digital inclusion and Cultural ecology.

‘I feel my computer skills have really improved, that’s why I am confident to attend the group job search sessions now’

Job seeker, Solihull

‘I don’t feel alone any longer. It’s so good to chat to someone and good to have a laugh’

Reading Friends member

'My two 10-year-olds thoroughly enjoyed the [online code club] projects and on completion happily searched for more to do'


‘Before I went along to Stourbridge Library, my digital skills were non-existent’

Lynne, Marie Curie Nurse

‘Working in the library has allowed me to work with an audience that I wouldn't normally engage with' 

Artist, St Helens


Libraries in Lockdown: Connecting communities in crisis

OurLibraries in Lockdown report shows how libraries and their staff kept communities connected and supported the most vulnerable.


Libraries in the pandemic: Evolving services to meet local need

A summary of evidence that demonstrates the difference that libraries made to their communities during the pandemic.