FAQs for Information and Digital Learning Module Invitation to Tender

Below we have listed some clarifications and FAQs around the Invitation to Tender for our Information and Digital Learning Module for library staff. Proposals should be submitted by 5pm on 30 September 2021.

Q1: Is this ITT just about providing the content?
Yes. We will ask the successful organisation to work alongside our online learning platform Learning Pool to shape the content into two modules each divided into themed sections that library staff can work through. The content provider will agree the project plan, the structure of the modules and the interactive activities that will engage learners


Q2: How much  detail should the successful organisation provide about the content  in their submission?
We will need to be confident that you have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the two modules, so we would like you to provide sufficient detail about the content you propose, how you will respond to the brief and give evidence of your experience. We will also be interested in your ideas for ensuring the modules are engaging for the participants.

Q3: What is the audience and what is their level of skill/knowledge?
We want the content to be tailored to the public library workforce. Levels of skill and knowledge will vary across the workforce with some having significant expertise. We want to ensure the whole workforce has strong up to date skills and knowledge. The lockdown has highlighted the importance of library staff having the ability to use digital skills to support and engage remotely with communities. As communities return to libraries, the public library workforce will continue to support users to get online and access digital resources and information, combatting digital exclusion. Staff are also developing new blended models of delivery to ensure the whole community can experience library activities.

Q4: Will you monitor take-up of the new modules?
Yes. We will launch the new module to the workforce via our Heads of Service network, ensuring they allow time for the workforce to complete the module. We will have monthly reports around take-up and completion of the modules.