Green Libraries Partnership: How libraries can get involved

The impact of the climate and environmental crisis is already being felt globally and locally. It affects us all, but those who are least responsible for the crisis – the most disadvantaged in our communities - are likely to suffer the most. The Green Libraries Partnership, primarily funded by Arts Council England, brings together CILIP, Julie's Bicycle, the British Library and Libraries Connected in response to COP26 and the long-term climate commitments made by libraries and local authorities across England. 

Through the Green Libraries manifesto we want libraries to come together towards a shared vision: to lead by example through their own environmental actions and use their power and reach to inform and inspire people to take positive action and build resilience in the diverse communities they serve. In the next five years, as a partnership we want to develop a UK-wide, cross-sector programme focused on the contribution of librarians, information and knowledge professionals to the sustainability agenda. We aim to encourage libraries to actively reduce their carbon footprint and increase awareness of environmental issues for the wider public by providing accessible resources. We will be inviting individual practitioners to become part of the Green Libraries Network to share knowledge and best practice, promote active engagement, build new connections and support each other’s efforts.

Library services can sign up to the Green Libraries Manifesto via the CILIP website. They can also download a copy of the manifesto at the bottom of this page. 

The 15 selected projects under the £40,000 grant fund have now been announced. Selected projects include a range of innovative ideas that will enable libraries to demonstrate environmental understanding and action through local partnerships, community engagement activities and staff, stock and space interventions. Find out more about the successful applications on the CILIP website