Libraries Connected Awards

The Libraries Connected Awards celebrate the achievements of people working in public libraries, acknowledging excellence, and showcasing good practice. Linked to the Universal Library Offers and Promises, the awards are judged by those leading these areas of work nationally.

The awards are a reminder of the importance of libraries and the people who work in them, celebrating the variety of support they deliver on a daily basis. The awards offer the opportunity to uncover new library champions, encourage the leaders of the future, and give library staff the recognition they deserve.

Awards are made in six categories:

  • Culture and Creativity
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Information and Digital
  • Reading
  • Children Promise 
  • Vision and Print Impaired People’s Promise

You can read about the 2023 award winners here.

The 2024 Libraries Connected Awards are open for nominations until Monday 8 January 2024.


Make your nomination online here


Top Tips for writing a nomination

  1. Read the award criteria and think about how your nominee meets each one.
  2. Look at the example nomination form so you know what information you’ll need.
  3. Read the example statements to get an idea of what we are looking for.
  4. Write your nomination statements in Word so you can take your time and save your progress, you can then cut and paste them into the online form once they are ready to submit.
  5. Remember to tell us about the contribution the individuals have made - Libraries Connected Awards are given to individuals or teams, not projects!


If you work in a library, please help us promote the awards to your colleagues using the poster, email banner, and web graphic below.


Award Criteria and Example Statements

The Nomination Statements are your chance to tell us why you are nominating the person or team and how they fit the award criteria. 

Here is the award criteria are a few examples to help you write a winning nomination.


Example Awards Nomination Form 2024

Here is an example application form so you can see what information you'll need to complete the online form.


Award FAQs

Information about the Libraries Connected Awards 2024 and how to submit a nomination.


Awards Poster

A poster which can be printed and displayed to promote the awards.


Awards Email Banner

A banner promoting the awards which can be used at the footer of emails.


Awards web graphic

A graphic which can be used on the web and social media to promote the awards.