Libraries play a critical role in helping citizens to access online information in a digital age. We want to support people to find information and services online in life-critical areas such as careers and job seeking, health, personal financial information and benefits. Central to the Information Offer is helping people, who may not have the skills or the equipment at home, to use vital online services. We are also committed to ensuring that staff and volunteers have the skills they need to help their users to use these services.


Goal: That all library users are supported to access quality information and online services in key areas such as careers, health, personal finance and benefits.


  • To bring together government and non-government sources of information, compiled by information professionals in libraries, giving a level of quality assurance to the customer

  • To help local people access and use online services and build their digital skills through assisted digital schemes

  • To support staff and volunteers to continually develop their skills and to deliver a range of services in libraries through our e-learning platform and other learning opportunities.

Learning Pool

Our e-learning modules to help develop library staff and volunteers can be found on our Learning Pool. These include courses on Reader Development, Digital information Skills and the Six Steps Promise.

Information4living offers a searchable database of national and local links to information in life essential areas such as health, jobs, money, benefits, rights and citizenship