Black Stories Matter: Understanding our past

Tuesday, 27 October, 2020 - 12:00

In this session, we will be reflecting on some of the issues that are raised by historical collections and buildings and discussing how libraries should interpret and present books and other resources from our past in relation to race and empire.

We’ll also be considering how libraries can use their collections to engage and collaborate with their communities to share diverse histories. Topics under discussion will include:

  • The issues that may be raised by historical books, collections and buildings
  • How libraries should interpret books and other resources from our past when there are problematic issues
  • How libraries can use their collections to engage and collaborate with their communities to share these diverse histories.

Speakers confirmed so far:

  • Dr Carolyn Betensky, English Professor, University of Rhode Island
  • Rhoda Boateng , Archives Supervisor, Black Cultural Archives

This is the last in our series of three webinars, open to all public library staff and key partners, focusing on how to promote knowledge and education about Britain’s racial history and how to explore our past through local collections and more.