Culture and Creativity

Curious, Creative and Cohesive Communities 

The Culture and Creativity Universal Library Offer aims to provide:

Opportunity: Opportunities that spark curiosity, imagination, creativity and fun

Participation: Enabling access to, and participation, in high quality arts and cultural activities 

Enrichment: Enriching people’s lives enabling new creative skills and talent to flourish 

Understanding: Celebratingdiversity, promoting inclusivity, encouraging understanding and tolerance of one another


Case study

Sharon Kirkpatrick, Dorset; Sam Whitehouse, Cinema in the Library Libraries Connected Awards 2021: Culture and Creativity | Libraries Connected


Evidence of need

‘There is mounting evidence that creativity and the arts can make a significant difference to people’s health and wellbeing, as well as to how they feel about, and interact with, their neighbours (Ings et al., 2010).

Nearly half of young people surveyed (45%) say that the arts help them relax and reduce stress. This is particularly the case for young women (53%) and for sixth form students (49%). 42% of students do not feel encouraged to participate in the arts (by school, family or an arts organisation)


Impact of libraries

Scientists have found that those who regularly participate in arts and crafts reduce the chances of memory problems in old age by nearly three quarters. 

Neil MacInnes, President, SCL and Strategic Lead, Libraries, Galleries and Culture, Manchester City Council:

'We want to attract new library customers through arts and culture, and help people who don’t engage with art to develop a love and appreciation of it'.




Culture and Creativity Offer summary

A4 poster oulining the Culture and Creativity Offer. 


Public Libraries Universal Culture Offer report

A review to scope out current activity in libraries and to demonstrate how libraries can contribute towards a vibrant cultural life in local communities.