Novels That Shaped Our World: Kingston presents V for Vendetta

Friday, 2 April, 2021 - 19:00
Kingston Libraries and Kingston School of Art

Throughout April and May Kingston School of Art and Kingston Libraries are holding 'Beyond Shelves', a series of interactive online events. Each event takes inspiration from books from the BBC's One Hundred Novels That Shaped Our World list.

The first event on Friday 2 April is brought to you by Immersive Tales and is based on the graphic novel V for Vendetta. Much loved by comic aficionados and fans of dystopian fiction, the novel has taken on resonance beyond bookshelves in the world of contemporary protest and politics. Alan Moore and David Lloyd's work raises questions about society and how we view it and our complicitness in injustice. It looks at homophobia, fascism and anarchy and holds a mirror up to the people who we elect to represent us. It is, at its centre, a novel about being human in an inhumane world.

Tickets are free but limited to one per person - you can register here.

This event is for a mature audience and will be recorded. Please do not share your zoom log in. Please set your screen to off if you do not want to feature in the recording.