Assisted digital projects

Libraries Connected currently holds a government subcontracts for the delivery of assisted digital services to local communities. We know that public libraries can support a wide range of local needs including those around information, literacy, employment and digital skills. 

We are a supplier on the Government Digital Training and Support Services (GDS) Framework, which allows us to tender for paid opportunities to provide assisted digital and digital inclusion services for the public via libraries. Our two services are:

Assisted digital support with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) 

This is UK-wide project covering digital, contact centres and physical service points. Local libraries will provide convenient and welcoming community service points which applicants can visit in person with their documentation.

Library venues across England and in Scotland and Wales will provide local access to this service. Each location has been selected based on geographic spread and accessibility for customers. 

Library staff will help people who have already completed their visa application online to scan and submit their documentation and biometric data. This means applicants won’t have to post off vital documents, like passports, and can complete their visa application locally. 

This contract is part of a growing portfolio of assisted digital services and information that libraries provide e.g:

  • The Isle of Wight library service successfully piloted the online Census test for the Office for National Statistics with 8000 households
  • Public libraries provide mainly free to use public computers, Wi-Fi, and digital skills sessions.

These opportunities enable libraries to continue to expand the service that they provide in the heart of their local communities; and future opportunities will be considered in consultation with library services and in line with our upcoming commercial principles strategy.


Libraries Connected: Commercial principles

This document outlines the principles that Libraries Connected will use to guide its decision making in developing commercial partnerships and securing specific commercial opportunities.