Climate Change Booklist for COP26

During this past summer, we asked library staff for their recommendations for books on the environment and climate change. They came back to us with a huge range of titles, which we have now organised into the list below to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021. The list is also attached as a spreadsheet where you can view the publishers for each book. We would love libraries to use this list to build displays and share them with us on Twitter.

Climate Change Booklist for Children

Max Takes a Stand: Changing the world one placard at a time - Tim Allman
Pollution and Waste - Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
Plastic Planet - Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
The Stuff We Buy - Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
The Plastic Problem: 60 Small Ways to Reduce Waste and Save the Earth - Aubre Andrus
Eco Warrior - Catherine Barr
Red Alert! 15 Endangered Animals Fighting to Survive - Catherine Barr
National Parks of the United Kingdom - Lucy Beevor
When the Bees Buzzed Off - Lula Bell
Jane Bignham - Helping Our Planet
I Can Reuse and Recycle - Mary Boone
I Can Care for Nature - Mary Boone
Recycling - Harriet Brundle
Pollution - Harriet Brundle
Habitat Destruction - Harriet Brundle
Clean Up! - Nathan Bryon
Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl who Went on Strike to Save the Planet - Valentina Camerini
Greta Thunberg and the Climate Crisis - Amy Chapman
Biosphere and Mini-Garden - Anna Claybourne
Anna Claybourne - Survival
Rob Colson - Fuelling Up: Energy, Global Warming and Renewables 
Joy Cowley - Flower Seeds
Colin Dann - The Animals of Farthing Wood
Nicola Davies - Big Blue Whale
Nicola Davies - Ice Bear
Nicola Davies: Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth
Chloe Daykin - Fish Boy
Camilla de la Bedoyere - Curious Questions and Answers About... Saving the Earth
Katie Dicker – Eco-Friendly Living
Martin Dorey - Kids Fight Plastic
Emilie Dufresne - Mining and Deforestation
Emilie Dufresne - Environmental disasters
Lily Dyu – Earth Heroes: 20 Inspiring Stories of People Saving our World
Nicola Edwards – Like the Ocean we Rise
Jess French – Forests
Jess French – What a Waste
Vivian French – Caterpillar Butterfly
Anita Ganieri – Endangered Places
Anita Ganeri – Ocean Life
Anita Ganeri - Planet in Peril!
Clive Gifford - Guardians of the Planet
Clive Gifford - Wasted!: fatbergs, space junk, plastic and a load of other rubbish
Liz Gogerly - Go Green!
Sue Graves - Sandy Cove Rescue
Kes Gray - Sandy and the Trouble with Nature
Kimberlie Hamilton - Generation Hope
Rosie Harlow - Rubbish and Recycling: Environmental Facts and Experiments
Alice Harman - Climate Change and How We'll Fix It
Kirsty Holmes - Save Energy!
Kirsty Holmes - Looking after your world: a book about the environment
Dan Hooke - Climate Emergency Atlas
Izzi Howell - Pollution
Izzi Howell - Climate Change
Ben Hubbard - Eco Stories for Those who Dare to Dream
Rani Iyer - Endangered Rivers: Investigating Rivers in Crisis
Tom Jackson - Climate Change

Devika Jina - The Extraordinary Life of Greta Thunberg
Tom Jackson - Climate Change
Kathryn Kellogg - Zero Waste Kids: 30 Challenges to Cut Down Waste
Loll Kirby - Old Enough to Save the Planet
Josh Lacey - Hope Jones Saves the World
Neal Layton - A Planet Full of Plastic
Neal Layton - A Climate in Chaos
Liz Lennon - I Care About... My Planet
Ben Lerwill - Climate Rebels
Azra Limbada - Caring for the Forests
Azra Limbada - Helping the People
Azra Limbada - Saving the Seas
Jonathan Litton - The Environment
Alexander McCall Smith - The Akimbo Adventures
Amy Meek - Be Plastic Clever
Rachel Minay - Global Pollution
Frankie Morland - World in Danger
Michael Morpurgo - A Song of Gladness
Brian Moses - Dreamer: Saving our Wild World
Ruth Owen - The problem with plastic: know your facts, take action, save the oceans
Kate Pankhurst - Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet
Nick Clark Powell - Poppy Goes Wild
Dougie Poynter - Plastic Sucks!: You Can Make a Difference
Andrew Prentice - Climate Crisis for Beginners
Jody Sulli Rake - Endangered Oceans: Investigating Oceans in Crisis
Jo Readman - George Saves the World by Lunchtime
Marie G. Rohde - Planet SOS
Martha E.H. Rustad - I Can Reduce Waste
Ma Isabel Sanchez Vegara - Greta Thunberg
Blue Sandford - Challenge Everything
Maryam Sharif-Draper - Climate Change
Louise Spilsbury - Protecting the Planet
Philip Steele: Water - Is There Enough for Everyone?
Philip Steele - Natural Habitats: Are They Under Threat
Isabel Thomas - This Book Will Help (Cool) the Climate
Colin Thompson -The Paperbag Prince
Greta Thunberg - Planet Greta: how Greta Thunberg wants you to help her save our planet
Colin Towell - Survival for beginners: a step-by-step guide to camping and outdoor skills
Zoe Tucker - Greta and the Giants
Robin Twiddy - Toxic Terror!
Diego Vaisberg - Nature at Risk
Shallini Vallepur - Earth's eco-warriors and the war on waste
Shallini Vallepur - Go Green for Good
Hendrikus van Hensbergen - How You can Save the Planet
Melanie Walsh - My Green Day: 10 Green Things I Can Do Today
Hanna Wilson - Drastic Plastic & Troublesome Trash
Jacquie Wines - You Can Save the Planet

Crossover Titles for Children and Young Adults

Robert MacFarlane - Lost Words
Dara McAnulty - Diary of a Young Naturalist
Chris Packham - Back to Nature: How to Love Life – and Save It