Family learning

We have developed a range of resources for libraries who would like to enhance their family learning service.

Family Learning toolkit
This is an introductory toolkit, designed for public libraries interested in designing and delivering more family learning activities. It contains information, ideas and inspiration about family learning, and a seven-step plan for your activities and events.

Christmas libraries adventure for families
This treasure hunt, designed for families to follow together without additional facilitation, is available as an online app version, or as three separate worksheets. We have also developed publicity materials to promote the activity in your library.

Storywalks materials
A storywalk is an outdoor trail for families, based on a popular children’s book. Families follow pictures left as clues or “checkpoints” along the trail that relate to characters or elements from the book.

We have developed a Storywalks guide, which contains things to think about when planning Storywalks, as well as templates for planning and evaluating your activities. We have also created an animated video, to use when promoting your Storywalk before the event. For example, you could share the video on media along with details of the date and time of your event. Or play it on a loop on a screen in the library.

Nature trail materials
A nature trail is a variation on a Storywalk, using children’s non-fiction books to discover plants, animals, habitats and nature. We have developed a nature trail guide, which contains things to think about when planning and evaluating your activities, as well as an animated video, to use when promoting your nature trail before the event


The Experiential Library - The future of family learning

Storycise, where families act out stories to improve their fitness in Bournemouth, a digital literacy course for 3-4 year olds in Norfolk and a Big Draw arts workshop in Kirklees are just some examples of the range of family learning taking place in local libraries and discussed in this report.