MozFest 2021: Using technology as a storytelling tool

Simon Alexander, Library Assistant with Vale of Glamorgan Council describes how MozFest 2021 has inspired him to consider the relationship between storytelling, AI and digital culture.

Mozfest 2021 ran sessions on a huge range of topics relevant to many professions and sectors. Highlights included workshops on digital storytelling techniques, groups of makers and repairers promoting the importance of creativity to wellbeing, and new research into ideas around neurodiversity and creative practice. My favourite sessions were ones that introduced ideas and insights into how we can think differently, to use technology to grow people’s expectations of what a library can provide.

The Post-Digital Audio Quilt: A Pop-Up Speculative & Inclusive Audio Fiction Experiment Exploring A.I. Wellness started with the reading of an introductory paragraph of a sci-fi short story. From this jumping off point participants were invited to contribute ideas and discuss themes around post digital and technology particularly in a speculative AI world. We were introduced number of generative tools such as to encourage ideas and engage the community with the topic.

The concept of the session provided an ideal template for using technology alongside storytelling to encourage creativity and introduce themes and participation in digital culture. It is no longer useful to think of digital as a new trend. It is already part of our library culture and has been for some time. We are in a post-digital era where these technologies are commonplace and integral to the changing needs of our communities.