Webinar: Libraries in partnership with heritage and archives

Thursday, 6 October, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00

This webinar will explore how heritage and archives can deliver against all the universal offers and support the work of libraries beyond culture and creativity. It will examine how heritage and archives can support language and literacy for young people, provide a sense of place and identity and can help libraries explore the hidden histories of communities. It will also look at how libraries can add value to the work of archives and by working collaboratively can meet broader local authority goals and enhance the ability of libraries and archives to demonstrate impact to key stakeholders.

Speakers include:

Caterina Lorrigio a creative director, cultural strategist, producer and festival director with over 25 years’ experience developing and leading cultural programmes and public engagement campaigns.

Sarah Chubb from Derbyshire and Chris Ash from Sandwell representing the Chief Archivists in Local Government Group (CALGG).

Isobel Hunter, Chief Executive of Libraries Connected and formerly of National Archives.

This webinar takes place on 6 October from 2pm to 3pm and is open to all library staff and those working in the heritage and archives sectors. Sign up for free via Eventbrite now.