Key Digital Skills

Key Digital Skills

These resources have been developed to support additional learning following completion of the Key Digital Skills Module, created by Libraries Connected.

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Things you might want to do

  • Work with colleagues to discuss how you would run a session to demonstrate the use of your online resources such as eBooks.
  • If your library runs digital skills session you could buddy with the staff or volunteers who deliver the sessions to learn more.
  • Plan how you would introduce someone to learning digital skills. For those people with little or no knowledge think how you would encourage them to make the most from the internet. Introduce them to self-directed learning programmes such as Learn my Way and GCF Learn.
  • Sign up to Learn my Way and complete the Learner Planner
  • Take a look at your library service’s social media channels. If you can, write a post for one of the library social media channels promoting an event or service.
  • Think about the key online resources that would be useful for answering enquiries – these might be related to local and national government services, using your online services such as the library catalogue to renew and reserve, paying charges online, using eBooks.
  • Search for your library using different search engines and check if the results contain out-of-date information. Encourage users to check for the official website.
  • Check what accessibility features are available on your public computers.

Learning resources

Digital Champions

Learn my Way resources for Digital Champions

Doing digital inclusion in libraries: A handbook


Essential Digital Skills

Essential digital skills framework - GOV.UK (

Foundation Digital Skill

Essential Digital Skills modules although for teachers/trainers they contain useful information on the five digital skills



Email from Learn My Way

Socialising online from Learn My Way

Video calling learning guide from Learn My Way

Video calling from Learn My Way

Hosting a Zoom meeting from Digital Unite

Office programs from Learn My Way

Social networks and messaging apps

Social networks from Digital Unite

Beyond email from GCF Learn


Problem solving

Dealing with technical problems from the Education and Training Foundation

Problem solving from Learn My Way

Troubleshooting techniques from GCF Learn

Using your computer's built-in help from GCF Learn 

Tips and tricks from GCF Learn



Using online forms from Learn My Way

Online Shopping from Learn My Way

Buying online from the Education and Training Foundation

Buying online 2 from the Education and Training Foundation

Public services online from Learn My Way

Online and mobile banking from Learn My Way

Government services, shopping and banking from Digital Unite

Using public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi hotspots


Handling information and content

Search better from GCF Learn

Trust online from the Open University

Storing favourite webpages from Digital Unite

Online file storage from Digital Unite

Finding and evaluating information from the Education and Training Foundation

Building a search using Access to Research


Staying safe online

Password managers

Setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) - NCSC.GOV.UK

How to spot a fake or scam website

Online Safety from Learn My Way

Get Safe Online

Online Safety for children and young people from NSPCC

Being safe and legal online


Skills assessment

A video introduction to the Learn my Way Learner Planner   

Get Digital skills assessment questions

Essential Digital Skills self-assessment tool – registration required



Doing digital inclusion disability handbook

Online Centres Network disability resources

My Computer My Way from AbilityNet


Some key facts

Building a Digital Nation from Good Things Foundation

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) No Longer Optional: Employer Demand for Digital Skills