Media and Information Literacy Module: Resources and Links

These resources have been developed to support additional learning following completion of the Media and Information Literacy Module on Learning Pool, created by Libraries Connected in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. 

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Things you might want to do

Review your passwords

Consider a password manager

Review the security of your devices

Check that your software and apps are up to date.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists if you no longer use them.

Complete the Find the Fake quiz

Check your digital footprint

Complete the Open University self-assessment on using information

Test your knowledge with the GCF Learn Use Information Correctly Quiz

Search for your library using different search engines (Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing). Are the details correct?

Investigate the content and functionality in your Online/Reference/Digital Library e.g. advanced searching, sharing results, producing references/citations.

Learning resources

DCMS online media literary strategy

Media and Information Literacy Alliance (MILA)

CILIP definition of information literacy

CILIP Ethical Framework

Staying safe/data sharing and protecting privacy

SHARE checklist

Managing traceable activity online from the  Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Protecting privacy from the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Protecting data (risks) from the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Improve your password

SWGFL social media privacy checklists

Manage your privacy settings

Scams advice from Which?


Navigating the online environment and search skills

Building a search from Essex University library

Building a search using Access to Research

Finding and evaluating information from the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Keywords and Search Terms

Search Strategy - Library Skills

Search Better: Get More Out of Google Search

Search Better: Hidden Features of Google Search

Google Advanced Image Search

Google Advanced Search

DuckDuckGo Search Syntax | DuckDuckGo Help Pages


Digital wellbeing and positive behaviour

Being responsible online from the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Communicating online


Evaluating online information

Evaluating sources the CRAAP test

Open University PROMPT evaluating online information

Get It Right From a Genuine Site

GCF Global Digital Media Literacy Tutorial

GCF Global Free Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Tutorial

Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world


Fact checking

How to spot "fake news"

FactCheck – Channel 4 News

BBC News – Reality Check 

Full Fact


Reuters Fact Check

Media Bias/Fact Check

Fact Check Archives -


Identifying risk and reporting incidents

FACT - brand protection & anti-piracy services  and Protecting Intellectual Property

Streaming online: know the risks

Online issues from UK Safer Internet Centre

Internet Matters - Helping parents keep their children safe

Cyber bullying

Report fraud and cyber crime

Responding to harmful online challenges


The law – copyright, intellectual property and data protection

Copyright in libraries

The Information Commissioner Your data matters

An overview of intellectual property

Data protection and the UK GDPR

Use of images About CC Licenses - Creative Commons

Use Information Correctly: Using Creative Commons Content

Openverse (

About us (

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Google advanced image search


Some key facts

Digital in the United Kingdom: All the Statistics You Need in 2021 — DataReportal – Global Digital Insights

Adults' media use and attitudes report 2020-21 - chart pack (

Children and Parent's Media Use and Attitudes 2020-21 Chart Pack (

Illegal streaming statistics (